Login into your Facebook Account from another Computer

Facebook is the biggest social networking website today, offering new and innovative methods to stay connected with your with friends and family.

It also provides greater social exchange between people, by offering a host of services such as instant messaging, community message boards for events, jobs, offers etc., along with social initiatives such as fundraisers, crisis response etc.

More interactive services of Facebook include online video games and movies, which are only a few of the features that Facebook provides.

Since there are a lot of users of Facebook, huge amount of data is generated on Facebook every day. Facebook stores all the user information and the data that is generated, on its own Web servers for security reasons, rather than relying on any of its user's computer.

What this means for its user is that they can access their Facebook account from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a Web browser / Facebook App with an active Internet connection.

Thus you can log in to your Facebook account from another computer much easily. All you need to have is your Facebook login details such as username and password.

Only as an exception, when you have enabled two-factor authentication feature on Facebook, you might also need your mobile device to get the access code delivered, which you would require to enter, along with your login details, while logging in to your Facebook account. But for the rest of users, who don’t have 2FA enabled, you can simply login into your Facebook account from any other computer, without much hassle.

Why should you login into Facebook from someone else’s computer?

While there could be many reasons as to why you should login into Facebook from someone else’s computer. The most important reason can be just to be in touch with your friends and family members, to stay connected with them while you are away from home.

Mobile devices do not always work when you are on the go, due to carrier limitations or internet connectivity issues or any other restriction. However, it is much easier to locate a computer with internet connection, which at times becomes your only option.

Accessing your Facebook account from a different computer can bridge the social gap that you might feel. And what better way to get all the information about what’s happening on the social scene of a new place, with just few key strokes and clicks on a computer?

Since login into your Facebook account from any other computer also gives you full access to all its features, you can just be at ease, as you would while using Facebook on your own device.

How to Login into Facebook from another Computer?

To login into your Facebook account from another computer, just follow the below steps;

Step - 1

Open a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on the computer. You would find a shortcut of the web-browser on the desktop. You can double click it from your mouse, to open the web-browser.

In case you cannot find a shortcut of the web-browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome on the computer, you can also find it by using the computer's ‘Start’ menu located at bottom-left corner of the computer screen. You either click  ‘Start’ > ‘All Programs’ > ‘Internet Explorer’ / ‘Google Chrome’ etc. Or you search it in ‘Start’ menu’s ‘Search programs and files’ box and then selecting by clicking on the web-browser to launch it.

Step - 2

On the web-browser window, go to address bar, located on the top, and type ‘facebook.com’ and then press return / enter on the computer’s keyboard. This will take you to the default page of Facebook.

Step - 3

Search for login section, located on the top right corner of Facebook page and enter your login details like your username or email address and password.

Step - 4

Click the ‘Log In’ button or press the return / enter key on your keyboard. This will open your Facebook account home page.

Step -5 (optional)

In case you have enabled two-factor authorization feature on your Facebook account, you will redirected to a screen, asking you to enter the access codes sent on your mobile device*. Once the code is verified, you will be redirected to your Facebook account home page.

Important - If someone else's was already logged into their Facebook account and they left without logging out of their account, their Facebook account will appear. You should log out their Facebook account immediately by navigating to a downward arrow button, located on the top-right corner of the page. On pressing the button, a drop-down menu will open, wherein you go to ‘Log Out’ option and click on it.

Once you are logged out, you can login into Facebook with your details, as mentioned above.

*Mobile device is a must when using 2FA and the preferred method of getting codes is ‘Text Message (SMS)’. Facebook will ask for access codes when it will notice login from a different computer. So keep your mobile device handy. In case you don’t have your mobile or it is out of coverage area or battery life, you won’t be able to log into your Facebook account. That is why ‘Authentication App’ is the more recommended way to authenticate your logins, which can be access simultaneously from their website.