How to Open a New Facebook Account?

It is estimated that over a billion people use Facebook every month. But if you are still not on the most popular social network website for some reason and want to open a Facebook account, we can help.

To open a Facebook account, you need to have an active email id or a mobile no. This is essentially required by Facebook during the account activation process and is used by Facebook to verify the correct owner of the new Facebook account that is to be opened.

Once you have an active email id or working mobile no., you can visit Facebook’s official website on your computer or mobile phone by typing in your web / mobile browser.
If you are using a smart phone, chances are that the Facebook app is pre-installed on your device. In that case, simply tap on the Facebook icon (depicted by f symbol) to open the app.

If you don’t have Facebook app installed on your smart phone, you can download it from Play Store in case you are using android phone or App Store if using an iphone.

Open the Play Store / App Store and search for Facebook app. You can find two versions of the Facebook app – the regular version with all the features of Facebook but the one which requires more space or the lite version of Facebook with some limited features, which uses less internet bandwidth and is faster and less space consuming, in case you are concerned about managing storage space required to run Facebook on your device.

Select the variant of Facebook of your choice and download it. Facebook will ask you to grant certain permissions called as user permissions, wherein you are required to give access to various features of your smart phone like device id, location, wi-fi / mobile internet access, photos, phone contacts, camera etc.

Once you have agreed to those user permissions, Facebook app will start downloading. Upon completion of download, the app with installed automatically.

Open a new Facebook Account on Computer

Assuming you have opened Facebook in your web browser, fill in your personal details like your first name and last name, email id or mobile no., birthday and gender details are to be filled. Few fields like birthday and gender details have drop-down menu, from which the appropriate option is to be selected.

Once you have filled in all the required details correctly, press the “sign-up” button and you will be redirected to another window, asking you to either visit your email id, if you have mentioned email address in the sign-up form, or to share code sent to your mobile no., in case you have mentioned your mobile no. in the sign-up form.

You need to click on the activation link sent in your email by Facebook to activate the account. Some times Facebook will send a code that is to be entered. Clicked on the account activation link and you would be redirected to a new Facebook page with the message that your Facebook account is now active.

If you have chosen mobile no. as the option, you would receive a message with the codes from Facebook, which has to be entered for verification. Upon getting back the Facebook app, you will find an option to enter the codes, after which Facebook will confirm that your account is now active and you can start using Facebook.

Open a new Facebook Account on Facebook App.

Open your Facebook App and tap on 'CREATE NEW FACEBOOK ACCOUNT' at the bottom of the screen.

You would see a welcome page. Tap on next to proceed further.

A new app page will open, wherein you'll have to enter your personal details like First Name and Last Name. Then, tap on next button.

In the subsequent app pages, you will be asked to enter more details like your birthday, gender details, password for your new account, email address etc. Enter all the requisite information to complete the sign-up process.

After entering all the information correctly, you would reach the last page of the Sign-up process, wherein you need to tap on Sign-up button, to finish the process. Although you would have to enter confirmation code, to activate your new Facebook account, which you would receive via email message from Facebook.

You have successfully opened a new Facebook Account!

What to do after I have opened a Facebook Account?

Once you have successfully opened a new Facebook account, you can do a variety of things like -

Connect with your family and friends – Perhaps the most important reason why social media websites like Facebook is so popular is because it gives you the power to find people and connect to them. There have been numerous stories of people getting in touch with their long lost friends and some family member they didn’t know about. Since everyone uses Facebook now days, it is almost possible to find anybody that you knew and get connected with them easily.

Share your story – You can write about what’s on your mind or post about any topic or picture with friends, family or publically to all other Facebook users.

Birthdays and anniversaries – One useful feature of Facebook is to get notified about your friends and family member’s birthdays and anniversaries in advance. You can even sync in your smart phone’s calendar with Facebook so that you can see all upcoming birthdays and anniversaries for a particular month in advance and celebrate with them. Won’t it be nice to never miss anybody’s birthday or anniversary?

Share your photos and videos – With Facebook, you can create your own photo or video albums, which you can either keep private for your own use or share with selected few. Organizing photos is also easy with Facebook.  

Support someone through their Facebook page or join a group – You can like and share any person’s or business entity’s page and let your friends know what you think about that person or business entity. You can also join various groups or create one yourself to support a cause.

Fundraisers on Facebook – Fundraisers help you create fund raising campaigns for your causes. You can choose from a list of categories like Animals, Art and Culture, Community and Social Action, Crisis Relief, Education, Environment, Faith, Funeral and Loss, Health and Medical, International happening, Personal Emergency, Sports etc. among other. You can create a campaign and share your friends and family or event gain supporters from Facebook users across Facebook. Facebook also provided help in getting started for the fund raising campaign through various tips, in reaching your fund raising objective.

Create events or show interest in those events that are already happening around you – You can let your friends know what event you are interested in going and can catch up with them at the event!

Watch Videos – You can even watch videos on Facebook, just like YouTube! Simply click on the Video’s link on Facebook, which is located among list to options on your left hand side and you’ll find a multiple videos uploaded by the people whose pages you have liked and which are recommended to you, based on your search interest. You can even search for videos in search box and find some interesting content of your choice. 

Play Games – If you really don’t have anything left to do on Facebook, you can simply play video games. More and more games are being developed and uploaded on Facebook which are both interesting and challenging to play, and keep you occupied.

These are just few of the things that you can do on Facebook.